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A STEP-UP Intern

Hire an intern and change a young person’s life. 

STEP-UP Chattanooga employers provide summer internships for 6-10 weeks at least 20 hours per week. To Become a STEP-UP Employer, click on the button below.

To help sustain the STEP-UP program

The STEP-UP Chattanooga program has several different opportunities in which to invest. No matter which level you choose, know that your investment will have a direct impact on Chattanooga’s future workforce.

A STEP-UP Intern at a small or
minority-owned business

There are small businesses and non-profits in the Chattanooga area that would greatly benefit by having an intern, but do not have the budget to support one. Please consider sponsoring an intern for a small business or non-profit organization by clicking on the button below.

Share your professional
expertise with our students

Volunteers are key to the success of our STEP-UP Chattanooga program. Our volunteers help in different areas such as: Resume Writing, Mock Interviews, Panel Speakers and Networking.

To sign up as a volunteer, click the button below.

For more information, contact Jeff Rector at or 423-648-4452.
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