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Become an Employer

STEP-UP Chattanooga connects businesses with the next generation of talented and diverse workers, provides critical job training and hands-on experience for young people, and builds a stronger workforce for our knowledge-based global economy. STEP-UP Chattanooga employers provide summer internships for 6-8 weeks at least 20 hours per week. Our 2019 internship program dates are June 3 to August 9, but are flexible to meet your needs. Interns will earn an hourly wage of at least $7.25 per hour.

Hiring STEP-UP interns will benefit :

Your Business

STEP-UP Chattanooga recruits talented and highly-motivated youth and trains them with the requisite skills that enable them to positively contribute to your organization. Your business will demonstrate community leadership and diversify its workforce by becoming a    STEP-UP Chattanooga employer. Your staff will also appreciate the extra help and opportunity to make a meaningful impact on a young person. Our interns will bring energy and creativity to your workplace.

Chattanooga Youth

A meaningful summer job provides new skills and opportunities, inspiring the pursuit of education and career goals.​

Our Community

Employing Chattanooga youth is a powerful investment in our region’s vitality and future workforce. Former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak explains the impact STEP-UP had on his city and how it can impact ours.

How does the STEP-UP Chattanooga program work? 
  • STEP-UP Chattanooga employers provide summer internships for 6-8 weeks at least 20 hours per week.

  • Employers identify potential summer work opportunities within their companies.

  • Students are nominated by HCDE school counselors & college & career advisors to apply to STEP-UP Chattanooga.

  • All interns receive work readiness training  which includes sessions such as Navigating the Workplace, Teamwork, Interpersonal Communication, and Critical Thinking.

  • Our staff works closely with you to match the skills and interest of our interns with  your organization's specific needs in order to provide support and ensure success.

  • Employers interview the youth candidates and make the final hiring decision.

  • STEP-UP Chattanooga staff provides ongoing support to interns and supervisors to ensure success.

It’s easy to set up an internship with STEP-UP Chattanooga! Learn more in our STEP-UP brochure or contact Jeff Rector at or 648-4452.
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