In STEP-UP Chattanooga

The STEP-UP Chattanooga program has several different opportunities in which to invest. No matter which level you choose, you can know that your investment is working to sustain a program that affords a life-changing opportunity to an underrepresented Hamilton County student and your investment will have a direct impact on Chattanooga's workforce.


A STEP-UP Student

There are small businesses and nonprofits in the Chattanooga area that would greatly benefit by having an intern, but do not have the budget to support one. Please consider sponsoring an intern for a small business or non-profit organization. Sponsoring an intern can range from $1000-$3000 depending on the hours the intern will work.

For more information on investing in STEP-UP or sponsoring a STEP-UP Student, contact Jeff Rector at or 648-4452.

Thank you to our investors, sponsors, and partners that make STEP-UP possible!

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